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‘Text First, Talk Second’ Often Best Way to Contact Loved Ones When Disaster Strikes

During Severe Weather Preparedness Month in March, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is encouraging people to develop a Family Communications Plan that includes the “Text First, Talk Second” concept.

Lawmakers to Focus on FY 16 budget

With the Fiscal Year 2015 budget shortfall addressed, lawmakers will now shift their focus to the upcoming budget for Fiscal Year 2016, which starts July 1.

Film studio returns grant

A Chicago-based film studio has returned an eyebrow-raising $10 million grant after Gov. Rauner demanded its return. A Senate Republican lawmaker has requested the Attorney General look into the matter.

Senate Executive Committee advances major bills

Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) moved two health-related bills through the Executive Committee during the week.

Bobcat season, round two

Last year, former Gov. Quinn vetoed bipartisan legislation to create a bobcat hunting/trapping season, which was proposed by his own Department of Natural Resources. Now both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees have once again advanced similar legislative proposals.

Radogno: Rauner’s leadership solves budget shortfall

By working in good faith across party lines, Governor Bruce Rauner has brought Senate and House lawmakers together to negotiate our state’s first legitimately balanced budget in 12 years, said Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont).

Radogno introduces measures to address immunization and Down Syndrome

A recent Measles outbreak in Cook County and a lack of public information on Down Syndrome were the inspiration for two pieces of legislation introduced by State Senator Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) in the Senate Executive Committee on March 25.

Negotiations to Fill Budget Hole Again Delayed

State prisons, childcare facilities and many other state-run programs are struggling to fund essential services as yet another week passes without any progress made to fix the $1.6 billion budget hole advanced by Democrat leaders in the current budget. Though Gov. Rauner has repeatedly asked for the tools to fix the crisis created by his Democrat predecessor, Democrat leaders in the House and Senate have continued to delay a resolution to repair the deficit they caused.

Local Government and Unfunded Mandates Task Force

Created to help identify ways to help streamline and consolidate local governments, the Local Government and Unfunded Task Force, chaired by Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti, aims to help make Illinois government more effective and efficient.

Open Meetings Act Reforms Advance to Senate

Three Republican Senators are now spearheading efforts in the Senate to advance legislation that seeks to enforce transparency and accountability of government meetings, after the measure unanimously passed the House.

Media Highlights Need for Change at DCFS

DCFS came under fire this week, after an investigation led by WBEZ found that the agency has frequently relied on juvenile facilities in Cook County to provide temporary housing until the welfare agency manages to find suitable homes to place kids who are wards of the state.

State Police Announce Modernization of Gun Licensing Process

While gun owners rallied in Springfield this week, the Illinois State Police (ISP) announced on March 16 the Agency will begin accepting online FOID applications beginning March 16, to provide a more streamlined and modernized application process.

Legislation Proposed to Pay for Body Cams

Helping local police departments pay for body cameras if they become mandatory is the aim of legislation sponsored by State Sen. Tim Bivins (R-Dixon).

Officials Aim to Modernize and Expedite Licensing Process for Efficiency

The Illinois State Police (ISP) today announced the Agency will begin accepting on-line FOID applications beginning March 16, 2015, to provide a more streamlined and modernized application process.

Budget Priorities, Fixing a Budget Hole

Because of Illinois’ current fiscal crisis, the Governor and Senate Republicans are calling for changes in the operation of state government. A restructuring of the state budget is needed to realign priorities and reduce spending by eliminating mismanagement and waste.