Recent News

Willow Springs Road Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project

The Villages of La Grange, Western Springs, Lyons Township High School, Park District of La Grange, and Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital will host a ribbon cutting ceremony with sponsors of the project, Illinois Representative Jim Durkin and Senator Christine Radogno, on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 9:00 am.

Rough year taking a toll on crops

Months of wet weather have taken a toll on much of the 2015 Illinois corn and soybean crops. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, only 56 percent of corn acres and 50 percent of soybean fields are rated as “good” or “excellent.”

Governor signs Radogno/Durkin bill into law

On Wednesday, Governor Bruce Rauner (center) signed into law legislation sponsored by Republican Leaders Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) and Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs).

Deficit spending continues via piecemeal budget

Another spending measure was pushed through by Senate Democrats this week in the absence of a state budget. The Monetary Award Program (MAP), which provides grants to low-income college students, would see funding of $373.3 million this fiscal year under Senate Bill 2043.

Legislation authorizing federal funds for social services signed by Governor

In the wake of the state’s budget impasse, this week the Governor signed legislation that will allow the state to distribute $5 billion in federal funds to critical social service programs.

House to decide outcome of controversial collective bargaining legislation

A controversial measure that would take away state government’s authority to negotiate employee union contracts and instead use a costly arbitration process, was once again advanced by the Senate this week. The measure passed initially over the objections of Republican lawmakers and Gov. Rauner, who later vetoed the measure. The Senate overrode the Governor’s veto on Aug. 19. The legislation now advances to the House of Representatives, where that chamber has 15 days to act.

Judy Baar Topinka legacy preserved

In a ceremony dedicating “Judy Baar Topinka Lane” at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on Aug. 18, Gov. Rauner signed legislation preserving the legacy of transparency that the late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka demonstrated throughout her career in office.

New law enforces government transparency and accountability

Enforcing transparency and accountability in government meetings is the aim of a new law sponsored by three Senate Republican lawmakers.

Synthetic drug ban becomes law

Illinois now has one of the strictest laws on the books to combat newly-styled street drugs. This legislation was proposed in response to a rise in the use of drugs such as synthetic marijuana and bath salts in Illinois and across the country.

Executive mansion renovation team pursuing design firms

The non-profit organization charged with raising private funds to renovate the Governor’s Mansion is pursuing design firms to take on the $8 to $12 million renovation project.

House Democrats play politics with $5 billion affecting in social services

Last week, the Senate took unanimous, bipartisan action to pass nearly $5 billion in federal funds for social service programs, ranging from meals for senior citizens to rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

Lessons from Illinois, Part 1: Turmoil, uncertainty for Illinois jobs

This week, Suburban Chicago-based Hoist Liftruck, a forklift manufacturer, announced that it would be taking 300 jobs out of Illinois and into neighboring Indiana.

Lessons from Illinois, Part 2: State losing residents, revenue

As Illinois continues to work its way through the state budget mess, and as businesses continue to leave or question their future in Illinois, families are too often left in the lurch.

Gov. Rauner signs body camera bill, legislator pay freeze

Gov. Rauner signed a landmark law enforcement bill that provides standards for officer-worn body cameras – one of the first states in the nation to do so. Senate Bill 1304 also requires independent investigations into officer-involved deaths, and improves training and data collection.

Rauner request for disaster aid granted

After an early summer of historic rain and flooding, the United States Department of Agriculture granted a request for official disaster designation in 87 Illinois counties and 14 contiguous counties.