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Turnaround Illinois

Until this year, Illinois has been under one-party rule for 12 years. The decision to over-spend and grow the size of government rests with the majority leaders. The cleanup is another matter. Gov. Rauner was handed a state budget that was out of money on his first day in office.

The Illinois Economy

Another financial assessment to make news comes from the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI), an independent public policy research center. IPI’s report evaluated Illinois’ economy on unemployment, economic opportunity, taxes and business regulations.

Fighting Back Against Human Trafficking

Every year, as many as 25,000 people in Illinois are trapped in the modern-day slavery of human trafficking, exploited for sex, drugs, violence, forced labor, or worse. Law enforcement, state and federal authorities, and independent groups are fighting back just as hard. This week at the state Capitol, Republicans and Democrats joined together to host an event to honor the heroes combatting human trafficking in Illinois, and raise awareness of this horrible crime.

IDOC Chief Stresses Reform to Reduce High Costs in State Prison System

Illinois has one of the most expensive state prison systems in the country, spending an estimated $38,268 per inmate per year.

Senate Authorizes Governor to Restore $26 million to Social Service Programs

On April 22, the Senate passed an amendment to Senate Bill 274 that authorizes Gov. Rauner to transfer $26 million from special state funds to restore grant funding for public health and social service programs.

Legislation Approved by the Senate

Several interesting legislative measures passed out of the Senate this week before the April 24 deadline and have been sent to the House for further review.

Senate Approves Sweet Corn as Illinois’ Official State Vegetable

Legislation proposed by local students and sponsored by two Senate Republicans to make sweet corn the official state vegetable of Illinois passed the Senate on April 23.

IDOT Announces Listening Tour to Discuss Capital Projects

The Illinois Department of Transportation announced that it will be joining the Illinois Capital Development Board to host a series of listening sessions across the state in the coming weeks to discuss Illinois’ infrastructure needs as a way to help prioritize future capital projects.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

“If you see something, say something” is the message of a video that Senate Republicans are sharing this month in their communities and on social media to raise awareness about Illinois’ 30-year spike in reports of child abuse and neglect in Illinois.

NRI Scandal - Never Again

In 2010, just weeks before re-election, former Gov. Pat Quinn unveiled a $55 million program supposedly aimed at curbing violence in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. But due to widespread mismanagement, a lack of oversight, and a rush to spend the money ahead of Election Day, the program served as little more than a political slush fund, catching the eye of multiple criminal investigations and a scathing state audit.

Radogno passes legislation to reduce children’s exposure to fatal diseases

Springfield—State Senator Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) passed Senate Bill 986 on April 23 to require all day care workers who care for babies and toddlers to present proof of measles, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccines or immunity.

Renegade, Fraudulent Truckers Face Log Book Crackdown

In an effort to combat fraudulent trucking log books, State Sen. Chris Nybo (R-Elmhurst) passed Senate Bill 1582 to increase the penalties for violations on motor carriers who “cook the books.”

Land of Lincoln’s Taxation Blues

Online financial tool WalletHub produced another scathing review of Illinois residents’ tax burdens, following last week’s study showing our property tax bill as being the second highest in the nation.

Appropriations Hearings Scheduled Around Illinois

A series of appropriations committee hearings were held in Champaign, Springfield, and Edwardsville this week.