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Casimir Pulaski Day March 2!

Known as the "father of the American cavalry," Casimir Pulaski has long been commemorated for his contributions to the American Revolutionary War.

Attorney General, ICC called on to investigate ComEd allegations

Serious allegations that Illinois’ largest energy utility company, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), may have improperly used ratepayer funds prompted State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) to call on Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Chairman Brien Sheahan to take immediate action to protect ComEd ratepayers.

Legislation would create School Safety Task Force

Senate Bill 1340 creates the School Security and Standards Task Force to study the current security conditions, make recommendations and draft minimum standards for schools to provide a safer learning environment for students. The Task Force is to submit its report to the General Assembly and the Governor.

Workers’ compensation reform legislation makes Illinois more competitive

Senate Bill 846 would require an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance to pay a claim only if the employee’s injury was caused primarily by a workplace accident. Under current law, any connection to a workplace accident, regardless of how remote, obliges the workers’ compensation policy to cover 100% of the costs associated with the injury.

Medicaid legislation seeks greater accountability—and taxpayer savings

Responding to new reports that Illinois paid millions for medical services for persons already recorded as dead, legislation has been introduced intending to weed out Medicaid waste, fraud, and abuse; make the system work for the people who truly need the benefits; and save Illinois tax dollars.

Review of ‘Common Core’

As educators across Illinois prepare to begin administering the federal “Common Core” assessment tests, a Senate Resolution encourages the State Board of Education to opt out of the Common Core State Standards until a thorough review of associated costs can be conducted. Senate Resolution 89 also advances the creation of a state plan identifying how to provide the funding necessary for school districts to comply with the controversial new Common Core standards.

Radogno: Governor Rauner ‘resets’ Illinois

“Dire circumstances call for drastic measures” -- a sobering message that resonated throughout Illinois as Governor Bruce Rauner’s offered his first budget blueprint.

Leader Radogno responds to the Governor’s Budget Address on Illinois Lawmakers

“I think most people understand that Illinois is in dire circumstances and we absolutely have to change the way we do things. This Budget Address was a reset to tell the people of Illinois there is going to be a very big difference in state government going forward.” Read more to hear Leader Radogno’s interview with Illinois Lawmakers about this year’s Budget Address.

Rauner outlines state budget plan

In contrast to the scattershot, whiplash approach to state financing that Democrat administrations have adopted over the last decade, Gov. Bruce Rauner outlined a comprehensive, philosophical approach to state governance on Feb. 18 during his first budget address.

Executive Order: “Fair share” dues targeted

On Feb. 9, Gov. Rauner signed an Executive Order preventing public employee unions from collecting mandatory dues from certain employees. Calling them “unfair share” dues, Rauner said there are currently 6,500 state employees who have opted out of the union but are still required to pay dues to help finance certain union activities.

Budget preview: Funding for schools

While Illinois residents wait to hear what Gov. Rauner will propose during his first budget address on Feb. 18, the state’s chief executive says he’s confident schools and other critical programs can be fully funded.

Money for court reporters reaching a breaking point

Besides immediate budget concerns for prisons and daycare programs, Illinois could soon run out of money for the state’s court reporters. The Rauner Administration said the state program faces a more than $14 million budget gap, and funds will be exhausted by the end of March. The Rauner Administration says they are working with lawmakers right now to identify a solution to these revenue shortfalls.

Education funding reform legislation introduced

The ongoing discussion of how to reform Illinois’ education funding system continued during the week, as State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) introduced legislation to change the system for funding schools. Barickman was joined by the education reform alliance known as “Vision 20/20.”

Week-in-Review Feb. 9-13

Saying Illinois is in “desperate need of criminal justice reform,” Gov. Rauner issued an Executive Order Feb. 11 creating a new commission charged with identifying ways to reform the criminal justice system and sentencing laws in the state.

Executive Order: Rauner creates commission to study criminal justice system

Saying Illinois is in “desperate need of criminal justice reform,” Gov. Rauner issued an Executive Order Feb. 11 creating a new commission charged with identifying ways to reform the criminal justice system and sentencing laws in the state.